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Cuba is much more than its image of beautiful beaches. Cuba is a compelling, fascinating destination, a specially for those who love the sun, vacation in Cuba remain for good in our memory. Ernest Hemingway once wrote about Cuba: "It not only looks wonderful, it is wonderful". The island is famed around the world for its unspoilt beaches and the rhythm of its music.
Varadero beach

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Varadero Beach - at the northern coast, 140 km east from Havana.
The longest pristine and most famous beach, stretch of 21 kilometres of nearly uninterrupted white sands beach is fabulous, beach's water is clear and shallow for several metres. Experience the white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Havana Beach - just 18 km east of Havana center. Havana beaches
True pristine beaches exist near Havana, getting there is easy only 20 min by taxi. Playas del Este composed: Playa Bacuranao, Playa Tarara, Playa El Megano, Playa Santa Maria del Mar, Playa Boca Ciega, and Playa Guanabo.

Jibacoa Bay - at the northern coast just 78 km east of Havana.
Playa Arroyo Bermejo beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, an ideal spot for nature lovers and for a relaxed vacation. White sands almost entirely unspoilt by tourism andcoral reef an unforgettable snorkelling and scuba diving.

Cayo Largo del Sur - a small key, approximately 80 km south of the main island of Cuba.
Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena two connected beaches, the most spectacular stretches of white sands almost entirely unspoilt by tourism, so tranquil that to do anything other than relax, or sunbathe at the nudist section of the island.

Cayo Coco - an the island of the northern coast 508 km from Havana called Jardines del Rey.
Island is made up with 27 kilometres of some of the best beaches of snowy white sands, warm waters have excellent visibility for diving and snorkelling activities.

Cayo Guillermo - is a kay of the Jardines del Rey archipelago on the northern coast 536 km east of Havana.
Beach is one of the nicest in Caribbean, seclusion and pristine afterprotected by stunning coral reefs. With its rich flora and fauna, the colonies of pink flamingos can be seen, is an eco tourist's dreamland.

Cayo Santa Maria - at the northern coast 390 km from Havana, 115 km from Santa Clara.
The most beautiful and unspoiled beach, fabulous turquoise Caribbean Sea crescent of white powder sand and coral reefs.
Cayo Ensenachos is part of Cayo Santa Maria. Playa Ensenachos and Playa Megano are situated on the tiny islet, beaches are astoundingly beautifu with crystal waters.

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