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  Cayo Coco                       Havana Hotels                  Varadero Hotels
Blau Colonial Cayo Coco 5 Stars  COLONIAL CAYO COCO  from € 37
Location right at Cayo Coco beautiful beach, 12 km from airport.
All inclusive luxury beach resort, offer delightful village feel, right on the marvellous long beach, surrounded by Coconut palm trees.
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Cayo Coco beach 5 Stars   MELIA CAYO COCO    from € 85  
Location right at Cayo Coco fine sand.beach, 15 km from airport.
All inclusive resort is located amid an exuberant tropic vegetation, for couples seeking peace and intimacy, tropical romantic getaways.
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MELIA CAYO GUILLERMO 5 Stars  MELIA CAYO GUILLERMO    from € 79      Diving center
Location one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. 20 km
from Cayo Coco airport. All-inclusive very luxury resort on stuning Cayo Guillermo beach, enclosed in Coco palms, close to a coral reef.
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HOTEL PLAYA COCO 4 Stars  PLAYA COCO     from € 37       Diving center
Location right at Cayo Coco beautiful beach, 17 km from airport.
resort, ideal for relaxation with family in colonial style design spacious areas, archades. hotel offers plenty of privacy, near coral reefs.
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Krystal Laguna Cayo Coco 4 Stars IBEROSTAR MOJITO    from € 42  
Location in true ecological paradise at the beach, 12 km from airport.
,All inclusive, villas built among a natural lagoon, 600 meters of white sandy beach, you can take a glass boat to see coral reef.

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Location in extensive gardens at wide beach, 39 km from airport.
All inclusive resort pleasent appealing place views of the turquoise sea, architecture featuring a colonial town, Caribbean lovers favorite spot.

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TRYP CAYO COCO 4 Stars TRYP CAYO COCO     from € 69  
Location surrounded by white sand beache, 30 km from airport.
All inclusive resort, complex built on the virgin keys, you can enjoy spacious rooms, 4 swimming pools, windsurfing, sailing & snorkeling.

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SOL CLUB CAYO COCO 4 Stars SOL CAYO COCO    from € 69  
Location amid exuberant vegetation at the beach, 13 km from airport.
All incusive resor, fascinating keys in the Sabana archipelago,
known as Jardines del Rey.
Spacious rooms terraces overlook blue sea.
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Location near f the most beautiful coral barriers, 37 km from airport.
All inclusive resort, of most beautiful beach strips, amid an environment
of tropical forest of Cayo Guillermo, an exclusive corner of paradise.

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Location in isolation on a quiet long beachfront, 15 km from airport.
All inclusive resort located on paradise island surnamed by palms, blue sea of Cayo Guillermo,
beach hotel with a relaxed ambiance.
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 Cayo Largo
PLAYA BLANCA 4 Stars  PLAYA BLANCA   from € 39    Diving center   
Location just at 24 km extended perfect beaches, 8 km from airport.
All Inclusive resort in a paradise Cayo Largo island, with beautiful architecture, fabulous marine landscapes high confort at the Caribbean.

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Location in marine paradise at white sand beach, 7 km from airport.
All inclusive resort offer beautiful rooms with terraces, scenic view of the pristinely beautiful keys, hotel is ideal for an unforgettable holidays.

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SOL PELICANO 4 Stars  SOL PELICANO  from € 82     Diving center   
Location directly on the Cayo's long beach, 5 km from airport.
A ll Inclusive resort, is part of a rustic beach complex with friendly service and lots of good watersports as aqua bikes, and large swimming pool.

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 Cayo Santa Maria
Cayo Santa Maria beach
Location surrounded by beautiful white beaches, 90 min from airport.
All inclusive resort on paradise beach ideal place for your holiday, surrounded by coco palms and blue sea.  Junior-Suite
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MELIA CAYO SANTA MARIA 5 Stars MELIA CAYO SANTA MARIA  from € 82   Diving center
Location directly on the long white beach, 90 min from airport.
All inclusive, Resort on paradise island designed for the enjoyment of couples and families, surrounded by beautiful beach and blue sea.

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MELIA LAS DUNAS 5 Stars  MELIA LAS DUNAS   from € 78      Diving center  
Location directly on the long white beach, 90 min from airport.
All inclusive, at the pristine stretch of beach. Perfectly integrated with its natural surroundings, offers varied recreational activities for all family.

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Location on perfect long white beach, 90 min from Santa Clara airport.
All inclusive resort set in an secluded area of natural beauty, boasts two of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Island of Cuba.
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Location directly on the long white beach, 90 min from airport.
All inclusive, place for interacting with paradise, bungalow, sight of amazing colors, resort is surrounded by beautiful beaches.

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Villa Las Brujas at Cayo Santa Maria 3 Stars VILLA LAS BRUJAS   from € 30     Diving center    
Location near the long white beach, 90 min from Santa Clara airport.
Villa Las Brujas on the coast of Cayo Santa Maria, excellent place for nature tourism and beach lovers, catamaran excursions available.
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CAMINO DE HIERRO Hotel in Camaguey 3 Stars CAMINO DE HIERRO    from € 48
Location near the historic center of Camaquey.
Boutique hotel nearly renovated. The hotel maintain most of its original architecture. An interior tiled patio welcomes visitors into the hushed elegance that is the Camino de Hierro.
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HOTEL CAMAGUEY 2 Stars CAMAGUEY    from € 14
Location centric location in the city of Camaquey, 10 km from airport.
Camaquey city is characterized by its enormous tinajones colonial style.
Hotel offer easy access to the city center.

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Colon Hotel in Camaguey 2 Stars COLON    from € 18
Location centric location in the Camaquey city, 10 km from airport.
Colonial style located in historic, built in 1926. Its bar boasts magnificent hand worked precious timber and meticulous decorative.
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Hotel Puerto Principe in Camaguey 2 Stars PUERTO PRINCIPE   from € 14
Location centric location in the Camaquey city, 12 km from airport.
Hotel is close to the Ignacio Agramonte provincial museum. Spacious and cozy rooms, offer views of the avenue, guests enjoy relaxing stay.
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  Playa Santa Lucia
Brisas Santa Lucia 4 Stars  BRISAS SANTA LUCIA  from € 37     Diving center 
Location on the most beautiful beach, 1.5 hour from airport.
All inclusive resort, is a divers and snorkeler's paradise. Hotel is located a short distance from the second largest coral reef in the world.

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Cluba Amigo Mayanabo 3 Stars  CLUB AMIGO MAYANABO  from € 25     Diving center  
Location directly on the very beautiful beach, 1.5 hour from airport.
All inclusive resort, one of the best values in Santa Lucia. Hotel is perfect for the sunseeker looking for a quiet holiday , excellent scuba diving.
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Club Amigo Caracol 3 Stars  CLUB AMIGO CARACOL  from € 27     Diving center
Location right on the white Santa Lucia beach, 1.5 hour from airport.
All inclusive hotel provides an excellent atmosphere, surrounded by coco palms. Hotels attractions are complemented by a beautiful coral reef.
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4 Stars  JAGUA   from € 29
Location at the Punta Gorda overlooking the bay, 10 km from airport.
Short walk from Cienfuegos historical center, offer panoramic view on the Cienfuegos Bay, has large swimming pool
right at the shore.
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Hotel Union 4 Stars   LA UNION    from € 29
Location In heart of Cienfuegos historical center, 7 km from airport.
Union Boutique Hotel boasts a reborn classical motif mid-sized lodging, Offer large pool, near 'Benny More' disco night club and beautiful park.
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Casa Verde hotel

4 Stars  CASA VERDE    from € 33
Location in the well-known area of Punta Gorda, 10 km from airport.
Newest Colonial Boutique Hotel. Building resembles a Victorian-Modern house and was built at the beginning of the past century. right at shore.
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Hotel Palacio Azul in Cienfuegos 3 Stars PALACIO AZUL   from € 29   
Location near historical center at the Pier, 9 km from airport.
Boutique Palacio Azul Inn, built in 1921 decoration representative of the eclectic style. President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez resided here.
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Villa Guajimico 3 Stars VILLA GUAJIMICO  from € 26      Diving center
Location between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, 39 km from airport. Guajimico at the coast of the hills at Guamuhaya Mountain overview a beautiful landscape, for horseback riding, diving and nature lovers.
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Hotel Faro Luna near Cienfuegos 3 Stars FARO DE LUNA  from € 19     Diving center
Location near the Rancho Luna beach, 18 from Cienfuegos.
All inclusive hotel a perfect spot for beach enthusiasts, built in a small cove on southern coast, offer excellent and personalized service.
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Club Amigo Rancho Luna near Cienfuegos 3 Stars RANCHO LUNA  from € 19     Diving center  
Location right at the Rancho Luna beach, 19 from Cienfuegos.
All inclusive hotel ideal spot for a sun and sand vacation. For guests seeking to combine the pleasures of horseback riding and water sports.
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Villa Yaguanabo near Cienfuegos 2 Stars VILLA YAGUANABO   from € 17    
Location between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, 38 km from Trinidad.
Small comfortable cabanas protected by exuberant vegetation. Boating on Yaguanabo river, horseback riding, swimming and trekking.
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  Bay of Pigs - Zapata
HOTEL PLAYA GIRON 3 Stars  PLAYA GIRON    from € 23     Diving center
Location at the Bay of Pigs Zapata right on the long beautiful beach.
All inclusive hotel with fine sand and warm waters. Birds watch, the best for scuba diving and snorkelling lovers.

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HOTEL PLAYA LARGA 2 Stars  PLAYA LARGA   from € 26        Diving center  
Location at the Bay of Pigs Zapata, right on the large shallow beach.
Spot appropriate for scuba diving and snorkelling, near Crocodile farm, very nice long beach. Birds watch - Eco Hotel.  Dinner & Breakfast

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Hotel Guama 2 Stars  VILLA GUAMA   from € 24
Location at the Bay of Pigs Zapata area, in Laguna del Tesoro.
An attractive unique architecture, is a reproduction of the houses built by the aboriginal Cubans. Near the Crocodile park and Birds watch area.
Motor boats, motor launches rental. Dinner & Breakfast

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El Castillo hotel 3 Stars EL CASTILLO   from € 23
Location at the top of a hill in city of Baracoa, 18 km from airport.
Tavern-bar is also a lookout of the beautiful view of the bay, and the Miel River, excellent place to relax and enjoy nature, large swimming pool.
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Porto Santo Eco hotel 3 Stars PORTO SANTO  from € 23   
Location in Villa of Baracoa, next to Baracoa bay, 1 km from airport.
You can enjoy an exciting view of the mountains and Baracoa Bay. Tour the mountains, or go on kayak trip on the Toa River, swimming pool.
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Villa Maguana Eco hotel 2 Stars VILLA MAGUANA   from € 30  
Location at the beach near Moa road, 22 km from Baracoa city.
Villa Maguana a small paradise, surrounding by tropical nature and the coconut palms, this beautiful hotel is on a pristine white beach.
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 Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin
Location on Pesquero beach at coast of Holguin,
57 km from airport.
Exclusive All inclusive Resort, Next to Bahia de Naranjo National Park, and near the area where Columbus first landed, unspoilt paradise.
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Paradisus Rio de Oro 5 Stars PARADISUS RIO DE ORO SPA  from € 132  
Location at very beautiful beach Playa Esmeralda, 75 km from airport.
Luxurious All inclusive Resort in a truly privileged position. exotic natural setting, privileged by nature and overlooking coral reefs.  Junior-Suite
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Brisas Guardalavaca 4 Stars  BRISAS GUARDALAVACA  from € 42      Diving center
Location overlooks the most beautiful beaches, 66 km from airport.
All inclusive resort, close to the landing spot which so astonished Christopher Columbus in 1492, spot for diving and snorkeling holidays

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Location on the white sanded Pesquero beach, 52 km from airport.
All inclusive resort in the place of unique beauty, between mountain and sea. Enjoy sailboat and horseback riding, large swimming pool.

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Location on beautiful Playa Pesquero beach, 52 km from airport.
All inclusive resort offers great value, white long beach. Ffamilies will enjoy the great kids club with its own swimming pool.

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Location on a stunning natural long white beach, 57 km from airport.
All inclusive resort is located on a stunning Yuraguanal beach area.
Well kept hotel in tropical vegetation, for couples seeking intimacy.
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Club Atlantico 3 Stars CLUB AMIGO ATLANTICO from € 27       Diving center  
Location steps from Guardalavaca beach, 72 km from airport.
All inclusive friendly resort offer recreational activities for the whole family. scuba diving and snorkeling - Great Value.
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Cayo Saetia 4 Stars   CAYO SAETIA VILLA  from € 26       Diving center  
Location southeast of the Holguin, in the Nipe Bay, 69 km from airport.
Hotel offer visitors virgin beaches, a peaceful lagoon, dense vegetation a lost oasis amid a blue Cayo Saetia, biggest hunting ground, snorkeling.
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Pernik hotel 3 Stars PERNIK    from € 15
Location in the modern area city of Holguin, 15 km from airport.
Pernik is an attractive and elegant facility, with large swimming pool and disco. Offer comfort and privacy, varied recreational options inside.
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Villa Mayari hotel 3 Stars VILLA PINARES DE MAYARI  from € 16
Location 700 meters above sea level in the National Park La Mensura , is one of Cuba’s original eco-tourist installations. Rustic cottages and log cabins give a nod to Swiss styles, absolute rest and relaxation.
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Mirador de Mayabe hotel 2 Star MIRADOR DE MAYABE  from € 16
Location outskirts of the Holguin, on top of a hill, 17 km from airport.
Panoramic valley view, place where you can meet a little Donkey, who drinks beer. Unique facility surrounded by lush indigenous wildlife.
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 Isla de la Juventud
Hotel El Colony, Isla de la Juventud
3 Stars  EL COLONY    from € 29     Diving center  
Location on a heavenly beach, at the Siguanea Bay.
Colourful hotel built in the 1950's, is situated south of the island. International Diving Center.
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Isla de la Juventud 2 Star RANCHO EL TESORO  from € 18     Diving center  
Location set in a natural and tranquil environment, at the beach.
Quality and comfort, diving and snorkelling excursions to nearby cays. Swimming pool and Scuba Diving centre.
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 Las Tunas
Hotel Brisas Covarrubias
4 Stars  BRISAS COVARRUBIAS    from € 28    
Location right on the white long beach, 115 km from airport.
All inclusive resort, privilege of secluded from tourists traffic. Set up as a village, buildings integrated into the natural environment.
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Cadillac hotel 3 Stars CADILLAC   from € 19
Location in the Las Tunas city center, 100 km from airport.
Enchantment hotel the perfect choice to stay in Las Tunas City.
Comfort and personalized services is making the guests feel at home.
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 Pinar del Rio
Moka Hotel 4 Stars MOKA   from € 30       play video Hotel Moka
Location 75 km west from Havana, in the forested of Las Terrazas.
Boutique hotel, one of the most unique hotel we've seen. Set amid the forested hills, intimate. Romantic enclosed by nature and the large leake.
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3 Stars  CAYO LEVISA VILLA  from € 49      Diving center  
Location at small paradise island off the north coast of Pinar del Rio, Villas bungalows at shore, Individual bungalows are built in two rows offer ocean view, water sports,excellent snorkelling and scuba diving.

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Hotel LOS JAZMINES 3 Stars LOS JAZMINES  from € 32
Location upon beautiful view in Vinales Valley, 25 km at Pinar del Río.
Hotel is surround by tropical vegetation and the mountains. is an exquisite architectural masterpiece guests enjoy natural landscape.
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Hotel LA ERMITA 3 Stars  LA ERMITA   from € 32
Location in Vinales Valley, 175 km from Havana airport.
Hotel is harmoniously integrated into the landscape of the Vinales, offer a peculiar view at the Vinales Valley
mountains, for nature lovers.
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Maria La Gorda 3 Stars MARIA LA GORDA    from € 21    Diving center
Location at beautiful clear water beach, 300 km from Havana airport.
Abundant marine life and corals, at the western end of Cuba, Guanahacabibes. Abundant marine life and the best Scuba Diving spot.

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Cabo San Antonio at Guanahacabibes 3 Stars VILLA CABO De SAN ANTONIO    from € 36     Diving center
Location at beautiful long withe beach, 354 km from Havana airport.
It is surrounded by a jungle and a marine environment Guanahacabibes. Virgin beach area, Villa is ideal for diving - snorkeling and nature lovers.

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VILLA SOROA 2 Stars  VILLA SOROA  from € 25
Location in Sierra del Rosario 118 km west from Havana airport
Biosphere reserve, ideal spot for nature lovers, beautiful location in the mountain. Largest
orchid farm, Eco hotel ideal spot for nature lovers.
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Hotel Rancho San Vicente 2 Stars RANCHO SAN VICENTE  from € 29
Location in forested on bank of the river, 33 km from Pinar del Rio.
Near such breath taking spots as the Cueva del Indio, right in the Vinales Valle. Eco hotel
ideal for nature lovers hikers.
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Mirador hotel 3 Stars MIRADOR SANDIEGO  from € 20
Location in a tranquil of Vinales Valley. 153 km from Havana airport Hotel is surrounded by vast and varied wildlife and close to the San Diego de los Banos. Mineral waters - Health Resort
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Vueltabajo hotel 3 Stars VUELTABAJO  from € 15
Location in in downtown Pinar del Rio, 150 km from Havana airport Colonial style hotel built in the 19th century, its in a delightful setting near Rumayor, restaurant offer Cuban entertainment, excursions to Vinales.
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Pinar del Rio lhotel 2 Stars PINAR DEL RIO  from € 14
Location minutes away from the city, 154 km from Havana airport
Hotel has comfortable rooms, you can visit the Vinales Valley and the tobacco fields. 2 restaurants; 3 bars, dance club, large swimming pool.

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 Marea del Portillo - Manzanillo
Marea del Portillo Hotel in Manzanillo
4 Stars  CLUB MAREA DEL PORTILLO from € 23    Diving center  
Location in Sierra Maestra National Park, 100 km from Manzanillo
All inclusive hotel offer harmonious conjunction of sea and mountains. beach has brown fine sand, horseback riding, diving and snorkeling.
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 Destination Sancti Spiritus
Plaza Hostal 3 Stars PLAZA   from € 24
Location in the Sancti Spiritus old town, 360 km from Havana airport.
Built as a family mansion in 1843, in 1914 transformed into a cafeteria, cake shop and guest house. Entirely rebuilt former colonial style, features as: art work, sculptures, paintings, indoor plants, gardens.
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Del Rijo Hostal
3 Stars  DEL RIJO  from € 25
Location heart of old town Sancti Spiritus, 360 km from Havana airport.
The Inn was built from 1818 to 1827, typical colonial style architecture characterized by French carpentry. Boutique hotel cozy atmosphere,
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 Santa Clara - Villa Clara
Hotel America 3 Stars  AMERICA  from € 29
Location recently opened modern hotel in city centre, near Vidal Park.
Offer personalized service, bar, restaurant, comfortable rooms, phone,
air conditioning, satellite TV, safe, minibar and nice swimming pool.

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Location just 2 km from Santa Clara, nestled among eucalyptus trees.
Nice quiet hotel, close to nature all the buildings imitate houses before Columbus arrival, offer nice swimming pool and nightly fashion show.
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Villa La Granjita 3 Stars LA GRANJITA  from € 32
Location among beautiful Coco palms, 5 km from Santa Clara airport.
Hotel offer cozy and tranquil atmosphere, amid palm, fruit and coconut trees. Perfect place to live in direct contact with nature. swimming pool.
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Santa Clara Libre Hotel 2 Stars  SANTA CLARA LIBRE  from € 12 / day
Location in downtown Santa Clara, facing the Leoncio Vidal Park,
flanked by La Caridad Theater, near Museum of Decorative Arts.
Center location in the Parque Vidal.
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Barcelona Hotel in Remedios 4 Stars  ENCANTO BARCELONA  from € 25   in Remedios
Location Remedios colonial town, 58 km from Santa Clara airport.
Village founded by Spanish conquistadors has oldest church in Cuba Boutique hotel has 24 rooms surrounding a cozy and inviting interior patio serving as a central hangout. Hotel also has a rooftop sun terrace.

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Mascotte Hotel in Remedios 3 Stars   MASCOTTE  from € 25    in Remedios
Location in Remedios colonial town, 60 km from Santa Clara airport.
Village founded by Spanish conquistadors across oldest church in Cuba Boutique hotel that combines modernity with colonial environment.

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HOTEL ELGUEA 3 Stars   ELGUEA SPA  from € 23     Thermal SPA inEl Salto
Location near the Beach El Salto, 90 km from Santa Clara.
Thermal center, operates medicinal water springs, the best mineral and medicinal muds. Famous Medical Rehabilitation Center.
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Hanabanilla Hotel pool wiev 2 Stars  HANABANILLA  from € 13    at Hanabanilla Lake
Location on the shores of Lake Hanabanilla, in the mountain of Sierra del Escambray. Nestled between foothills and high mountains. From the hotel, you can enjoy boating and fishing, lake is habitat of bigmouth black bass. Provide easy access to El Nicho falls.
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 Santiago de Cuba
Location at the heart of the most Caribbean city, Santiago de Cuba.
Hotel has modern rooms with every comfort has large swimming pool, beauty parlor, sauna, tennis court, GYM, Disco and nightclub.

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Location in heart of the Caribbean, on corner of Cespedes park, in Santiago historical center. Hotel offer view on the park, has an old charm character, a large roof patio bar with the panoramic view on the sea. All rooms airconditioned, with satellite TV and small fridge.

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Location at the beach in heart of the Caribbean, 60 km from Santiago.
All inclusive beach resort, Hotel Brisas Sierra Mar and Los Galeones, rooms are comfortable, air-conditioned equipped with a safe, phone and satellite TV. Set in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra mountains.
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Location at the beach in Baconao Park, a natural reserve of biosphere. All inclusive beach resort, just 2 km from Baconao aquarium, fully equipped with a safe, air conditioned, minibar, phone and satellite TV.

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CLUB BUCANERO 3 Stars CLUB BUCANERO   from € 39    Diving center
Location right on the beach in Natural Park Baconao, on the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Maestra mountains, 28 km from Santiago airport.
All inclusive beach resort, fully equipped, panoramic wiev on the sea.
Has large swimming pool and International Scuba Diving Center.
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HOTEL SAN JUAN 3 Stars SAN JUAN  from € 17
Location a few meters from Parque Historico Militar in Santiago.
Surrounded by trees and flowers, has an attractive large swimming pool and the restaurant. All rooms airconditioned.

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Location centrally located near all the attractions of Santiago.
Comfortable and friendly hotel, rooms airconditioned, a good place to stay, with plenty of services, attractive gardens and swimming pool.

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Location in the residential neighborhood of Vista Alegre, few minutes from the cultural, historical and commercial centre of Santiago. Hotel environment is distinguished by exuberant and vast gardens, that resemble oasis inside the city, the hotel has swimming pool.
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Location just minutes from Santiago airport, hotel offer comfortable accommodation with panoramic views of the Santiago the bay, and the Sierra Maestra mountains. Restaurant in garden and swimming pool.

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Location close to Cespedes park near the historical centre.
Full refurbishment, San Basilio has large windows, fine ironwork. The hotel offers familiar environment, pleasant restaurant and kind service.

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Location in the heart of Santiago, faces popular Plaza de Marte.
The hotel served as slave trade during colonial times, has an old charm character. Rooms have simple furnishings, small functional bathrooms, lobby bar and large rooftop terrace. Rooms are airconditioned.

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LA GRAN PIEDRA 2 Stars LA GRAN PIEDRA  from € 16   Mountain Eco hotel
Location at Gran Piedra National Park, 25 km from Santiago.
In Sierra Maestra mountains, at 1225 m above the sea. Hotel consists of 18 cabins, provide excellent accommodation for nature lovers, who enjoy trekking, mountain climbing and bird watching.

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HOTEL EL SALTON 2 Stars VILLA EL SALTON  from € 27   Mountain Eco hotel
Location in a green valley between the Sierra Maestra mountains.
Hideway for tourist who want to enjoy nature at a very peacefull environment. Eco-resort near natural waterfall, has swimming pool

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 Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad 5 Stars IBEROSTAR GRAND HOTEL TRINIDAD  from € 64
Location in the heart of the Trinidad, the Grand Hotel preserved the atmosphere of Cuban colonial past. Boutique hotel in heart of Trinidad, completely remodeled, an ideal place to experience unique colonial, Tinidad old town architecture and style.
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Brisas Trinidad del Mar 4 Stars BRISAS TRINIDAD DEL MAR   from € 46   
Location just 12 km from Trinidad on the beautiful long Ancon beach.
All inclusive resort, place of unique beauty, allows the you to enjoy of sea and the mountains. Near the best preserved colonial Trinidad town.

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Cayo Iguana movie
Hotel La Ronda 4 Stars LA RONDA   from € 36
Location in heart of the Colonial Trinidad.
Boutique hotel in centre of Trinidad town, La Ronda reopen after the renovation in 2014. Rooms are modern and cozy with private bathroom, inviting interior patio serving as a central hangout. Romantic hotel, boasts a beautiful courtyard with lush tropical vegetation.
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HOTEL ANCON 3 Stars  CLUB AMIGO ANCON   from € 37      Diving center
Location right at the beautiful withe Ancon beach 12 km from Trinidad.
All inclusive resort, place of unique beauty, allows the you to enjoy of sea and the mountains.
Near the best preserved colonial Trinidad town.

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Hotel Costa Sur 3 Stars  CLUB AMIGO COSTA SUR  from € 29    Diving center
.Location right at the withe beautiful beach, near Trinidad.
All inclusive hotel offer four bars, night club, swimming pool. 110 Air conditioned rooms with private bathroom,  20 bungalows with minibar.
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LAS CUEVAS 3 Stars  LAS CUEVAS  from € 39
Location few steps away from Trinidad historical center, on an elevation that looks over Caribbean Sea. Access to the cave Disco & night club

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