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Varadero is the largest resorts complex in the Caribbean, tourists started to coming here in 1872, but the international development didn't begin until 1930's when the US chemical millionaire Irenee Dupont Nemours built a large estate on the peninsula. Even Mafia boss Al Capone used to holiday in Varadero. This former elitist resort 140 km east from Havana, is fronted by a stunning white sandy beach which, bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Flocks of egrets and occasional pelicans fly by, skimming over a sea of stunning blue. Varadero resort is located 25 km from the airport.

Varadero beach party
There are lots of exiting tours and sightseeing in varaderos:  Varadero Attractions
• Josone Park is a nature area with restaurants and cultural events can be toured by horse and carriage from your hotel.
• Dolphin See Aquarium, entertained by dolphin shows or the experience of swimming with the resident dolphins.
• Jungle Tour on jet skis through the waterways, a submarine trip to the offshore reefs, a boat trip on the Canimar River.
• Helicopter Trip to the Yumuri Valley and the nearby stunning Bellamar Caves.
• Seafari Cayo Blanco Cruises, on the catamaran which includes a dolphin swim and excellent snorkeling.

Varadero offer deluxe resorts and budget hotels. Most of the deluxe hotels sit over their own private beaches. Water sports abound, snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach sand made of grated silver also mixed with diamond dust, main beach is a virtually unbroken 21km long, swath that widens and improveseastward, breaks up into smaller beaches divided by rocks.

High quality hotels good water sports little crime. Semi-nude sunbathingis tolerated at Varadero. Topless bathing is common among Europeans. There are some good discos, bars and clubs include the Eclipse, La Bamba and Habana Cafe. Most nightlife centered on the hotels. Evening entertainment at the hotels is high quality, with plenty of traditional Cuban music and dancing. Cuban snacks known as fruitera de maiz. Cuba Libre cocktail made from local rum and famous drink Mochito.

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